Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We are moving ........

We are.....happy is ready for the move and we are moving next Thursday..the 25th..

We had our PCI on 11th and nothing major was found on that day and took only about 2.5 hours..Rick promised us a hand over date to 25th of August, exactly two weeks after the PCI but we were not sure about this until today since the bank wanted the Occupany Certificate 5 days before they can release the final payment..SO...we received our Occupancy Certificate today and now it is up to the bank to play the game..:)

I and hubby both are having 25th and 26th off the work and planning to move on the day of handover itself..I cant wait anymore so I pursuaded DH for the move on the handover day itself..otherwise he was starting to say this and that and it is diificult to move on the day of hand over with all the other work......who cares.....!

I called all the places where we had ordered our furniture and aranged them to be delivered/ picked up on 25th and 26th...but still there is lot more to buy when I think about the whole house in one big picture...

We have ordered our roman blinds from one of our friends for a cheaper price for three bedrooms (except for master bedroom where a sheer curtain to go when I get $$$), activity room and theatre room and they will be delivered probably on the day of moving...We bought PVC eco blinds from Freedom for the bathroom, Ensuite and toilet windows and we need to get them cut and fit into the windows by Onsite blinds (thanks Flipflop for recommending them). I ordered temporary blinds from Blinds in a Box for $99 (two boxes) for all the other windows until we get sheer curtains and roller blinds (for sliding doors)...and they will arrive in two days

I should start packing now and have given notice for our rental for just three days from handover to empty the whole house..

Sorry couldn't take many photos on the day of PCI...just few photos of the facade...I am in lurve with my front door...:)