Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our baby is having a shape...!

Posting after some time, since our building work was going bit slowly but now the plastering is completed and the bricklaying is to be done only on the upper walls of the house and the balcony..hopefully they might have been done today since we couldn't go to the site today...getting excited now...and lot more to do from our side when the house is ready probably in another 2.5 months..(this is our guess:)..I am having a dillema in choosing furniture for 4 living areas..and matching with carpets and floorboards...btw, we initially paid a deposit for a queen bed for our master bed room and later found out that it could be bought for about $350 less in another I cancelled the will see my bed below:)

sorry, this is not letting me post any more photos...I will upload the rest tomorrow...