Thursday, April 28, 2011

Roof tiled and half wrapped..!

By this moment we have a fully tiled roof and a half wrapped house..yep..!

CLE rang me yesterday to say that our plastering will be completed by 4th of May and bricking will be by 9th of May..looking forward to it..

We went to the site yesterday (around 6.30pm and it was very dark) and I normally hesitated to go upstairs (yep, we have a ladder to go up:) since it was very cold with heavy winds in the evening..but yesterday it was very warm thanks to the wrapping and really felt like I was inside our lovely house..

We have been visiting furniture shops these days and I am still thinking about the colours I need to have for my interior furniture and blinds...


Our frames were started on last monday, 4th of April and were almost complete by end of the week on Friday, except for the roof frames...
The windows have been delivered and probably the roof will be completed by next week...I don't mind not building the rest of the house for some time and I can spend another few weeks by looking and enjoying these lovely

Our neigbour moved into their house on Friday and he had taken a quote for building the fence for which we agreed and it is half done is good to have one of the future bills paid off now it self so we can cut it off our list..:)

Pictures of the frames..

 A view of the house from the garage..

A view from the front of the house..

Entrance to the house

A view of the launge from the entry way

Entrance to the powder room

A view of kitchen dining and alfresco..


A view of the land at the back of the house from a bedroom at upstairs...never thought that it would look this lovely..!

A view of the theatre room from upstairs..

The big land at the back...

The hole for stairs..

Entrance to the balcony from master bed...

The windows delivered...

A street view of the whole house ..

A side view..

The big park two doors next to looks small in the picture...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Guess What...??

Can you imagine that we have a slab and frames too now.?? planned the slab was poured not on 23rd March but on 24th just one day delay and we went to the site in that week end, and then again during the next week but nothing had happened after the salb..So I just gave up thinking about frames for some time and just thought of going to the site yesterday, you know to find out what...sweet little frames sitting on our slab...couldn't stop smiling:) we entered through the porch and went through all over the house....mmm not all over the house just the ground floor coz upstair frames are not done yet...we went to the site again today and we have a ceiling to the ground floor now..I like to go every day but it is about 17Kms from where we live not that easy to go and visit since it gets dark very early now and couldn't take any photos of the frames for the time being it is just the slab photos...